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Children's Museum of Oak Ridge

Founded in 1973, the mission of the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge (CMOR) is to provide fun and diverse educational programs and exhibits emphasizing play and hands-on learning for all ages in arts, science, history, culture, and healthy living, while collecting and preserving objects in an historic Manhattan Project Community. 

Unlike most children’s museums, CMOR places a strong emphasis on history, including its award-winning exhibitions on Appalachian, Oak Ridge, and Manhattan Project history of interest to all ages; collections, which number over 20,000 objects; a historic Manhattan Project Flattop house that is being restored to serve as an exhibition; and an archive that includes the personal papers of a world class Manhattan Project physicist, Dr. Alvin Weinberg. 

In addition, the Museum is located in an historic Manhattan Project elementary school building and hosts the Visitor Contact Station for the Manhattan Project National Historical Site. 

We invite you to visit CMOR before or after your visit to the Secret City Festival!  

Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm and Sunday 1 – 4 pm.

Discounted admission for September 24-26, 2021: $5 per person ages 3 and up. Ages 2 and younger and CMOR members are free. Masks are required for all visitors ages 5 and older. 

Location: 461 W. Outer Dr., Oak Ridge TN 37830

Questions?: (865) 482-1074 or


Oak Ridge History Museum

How does one tell the story of Oak Ridge? The fact remains, it was developed as a Secret City. The War Department Corps of Engineers mailed letters to area residents stating.  “The War Department intends to take possession of your farm December 1, 1942”.  “Your fullest cooperation will be a material aid to the War Effort”.  Families had only weeks to relocate. 

Never in the history of our nation has a community been able to achieve and maintain the strict silence it needed to Win the War.  Tens of thousands of people were brought into this area from all the world, thus making Oak Ridge the first and largest of the Manhattan Project sites. 60 percent of every dollar was spent in Oak Ridge!  Clinton Engineer Works (CEW) became nestled in a Valley in eastern Tennessee, but it was a secret to the world.  The 75.000 residents and 82,000 workers had no idea they were helping to end WWII.  Many families, some with young men in the War, came to Oak Ridge to work. 

The museum will be open Thurs, Fri. 10-2 ($5 admission) & Sat. 10-5 (FREE admission!)

The museum exhibits are on the History of Midtown Community Center,  once a center for the Midtown Trailer Community and is one of the few WWII structures that remains in Oak Ridge, today telling the Story & Lifestyle of the people who lived here and built this town.  Many of these families still live here today. 

Exhibits of special interest will be set up in the Wildcat Den Room

"The Stokes Collection" of Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project lifetime collection met Lloyd and Betty Stokes in

"Ask Me", which is to increase visitor's knowledge about the Manhattan Project and the Oak Ridge History WWII Chaplains exhibit from the WWII Memorial that opened in Washington, DC, fill with original artifacts, created by Tom Walker


City of Oak Ridge Firemen’s historical scrapbooks and memorabilia from the early day of Oak Ridge, met David Heck



The 85th African / American Segregation of Public School and Life during WWII, from Rose Weaver & Martin McBride



All ORHM display areas will be open including our newest exhibit "The Ed Westcott Gallery" & "Oak Ridge Sports & Recreation"


The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) tells the story of the advances in science and engineering that have occurred in Oak Ridge since the first days of the Manhattan Project. We are a national resource that is proud to be located in east Tennessee, a region that has been and remains on the cutting-edge of scientific innovation. AMSE is a powerful engine of STEAM education and inspiration. With our fun, interactive exhibits and programs, every day we tell visitors from the globe exciting, world-changing stories and we help explain how our world and universe works. Come join us at AMSE, where science comes alive.

K-25 History Center


The K-25 History Center is a dynamic 7,500 square foot facility featuring interactive exhibits with more than 250 original artifacts, all sharing the incredible story of the men and women who constructed and operated a site that helped to end a global war and power America. We are proud to invite you to visit and explore the inner workings of the K-25 plant, meet the people who worked there, and learn about one of the most significant industrial, scientific, and military achievements in American history. We are looking forward to your visit!

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